I don't even know what to say...

Working with Julie, a photographer, and her boys was just a dream. A dream I didn't even know I had until it was happening.

We let the kids dress themselves.

We let the house be a busy home that feeds and schools and cleans and comforts five people every day.

We chopped some wood and built a fire.

We let the chickens out.

We let some punches fly.

We left each other alone.

We took some clothes off. We felt each others skin.

We got comfort food and ran barefoot in the chilling water of Lake Erie.

Then we came home, saged the house and put Dad's vinyl on repeat.

Can you remember a more lovely day?

This is what I want...

Truth and beauty.

The truth isn't always seen as beautiful. But it is. It can be hard to see...but it's still beautiful.

This means, messy homes, or messy backyards.

Unmade beds, and tussled bedheads.

Crying and comforting.

Bad moods or attitudes.

Skin with beloved scars.

A battle bruise and subtle cues.

Could this be for you?

If you can see yourself in these images -- full of truth and beauty and vulnerability -- then it would be a dream to work with you.

A dream I didn't even know about until you let me into your lovely mess.

Say hello.

Let's work together.