Before you open up for me...

I will open up for you.

My name is Claire. I’m 39 years old, a self-taught photographer, former midwife, present-day farmer's wife and mom to two adoptive kids.

I've lived with chronic illness and pain for almost 30 years, which led me to create a more flexible job for myself in photography. Having barely lived through a lot, I've developed a laser-like focus for what I like and what I'm good at; namely film photography and teaching.

Business Hours:


Monday: after the kids are in bed

Tuesday: between getting everyone snacks

Wednesday: after they are in bed, but then get up, and then we put them back to bed, then they cry for a snack

Thursday: during nap time, if I've already prepped dinner

Friday: while I fold laundry and eat popcorn

Saturday: between 330am-5am when the burden of unreturned emails wakes me up in a panic

Sunday: not on Sundays. That's the only day I don't carry the burden of unreturned emails, because tomorrow is Monday and I'll definitely have time on Monday.

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